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    OOO "Rozhdestvo"
    Rozhdestvo, Prtushinsky rayon
    Vladimidskaya oblast
    601105, Russian Federation
    Tel/fax:8 (49243) 2-52-89; 2-52-93
    E-mail: rozhdestvo@yku.ru

    • The company OOO Rozhdestvo

      OOO Rozhdestvo Farm Complex

      Current statistics:

      • Currently 1800 milking and dry cows
      • 1000 heifers pregnant and open
      • 150 heifers in calf hutches
      • 100 bull calves
      • Average age at first calving 23 months
      • Average milk production 32 liters per cow per day
      • 305 day average 10,500 liters per year

      The challenge to build the “western style” Rozhdestvo dairy began in 2003, when the owners choose DeLaval to be their milking partner. Initial investment in Rozhdestvo was privately funded. However, the increase in herd size in 2006, the construction of a second 2 x 12 parlour and other buildings were financed under the Presidential National Plan for Agriculture. Employees of the farm are paid a monthly bonus for euro standard milk.

      Cow comfort

      Our cows are loose housed in open, naturally ventilated barns with curtains. Cows lie on rubber filled mattresses from ProMat and can wander over to our DeLaval auto cow brushes to be groomed. Fresh cows (up to 160 DIM) are milked four times per day, while later lactation animals are milked two times per day. Calves are housed outside in calf hutches from one day old until 60 days old. The calf death loss is less than two percent for the year and we have been very happy with the results.